A great way to sell your home on the market quickly is through hosting an open house. Your realtor will help you organize the open house but they are typically on a weekend for a few hours in the afternoon. Interested home buyers are able to walk through your home and truly get a gage on your home and if it has potential to become their home. Now, this may sound intimidating to people selling their home, so many people walking in and out of your home, but this one day brings such potential to selling your home at a faster rate. If you’re new to the idea of hosting an open house, this is your guide to preparing your home.

Get Rid of Clutter

The more stuff you have in a room, the smaller the room will look. Less furniture and other items will make your room appear to be more spacious. Get rid of unnecessary items that you can leave in storage until your home sells. If you don’t use it on a weekly basis, odds are it can go to storage.

Remove Personal Items

You’ll want to take down all personal and family photos. Having your photos on the wall only makes it difficult for potential buyers to imagine your home as their future home. By removing personal items, you’re giving your home a more natural feel that opens up potential buyers to truly visioning themselves moving in and settling down.

Touch Up with Paint

Go around your home and find the tiny details that need to be fixed. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint on the trimming in each room, or covering up scratches and scuffs that gradually form over time. To homeowners, this may seem like a tedious task, but to potential homebuyers it makes a big difference.

Hire a Pet Sitter

A good rule of thumb is to never leave your pets in the home when strangers are walking through every room. During your open house, higher someone to watch your pets either at their home. This will give you, the homeowner, time to vacuum and clean away all signs of pets in your home before the open house.

Have Floors Professionally Cleaned

You will be amazing at the difference professional cleaning can make in your home. Because dirt builds up gradually over time, people often don’t notice how dirty their carpets and floors are. A professional cleaner will do the trick to getting your carpeting and floors clean without having to spend the money to replace the flooring entirely.