Owning a home can be stressful when it comes to having to fix or update things. Fortunately, with these clever home improvement hacks, you can reduce some of the extra stress and enjoy an organized and efficient home.

Wall Stencils
Are you looking to spice up your walls? Common household items make the perfect wall stencils. Tracing different sized plastic bowls can be used to make a polka dotted accent wall, or cutting up and old cardboard box to make a larger stencil, common household items make the perfect wall stencils to update any wall in your home.

Door Knob Towel Racks
Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but not all bathrooms come equipped with a towel rack. Yes, you can always install a towel rack or add something over the back of the door to hold multiple towels, but you can also use the door knob! This little hack will allow your towel to dry in the bathroom and be there the next time you shower.

Recycling a Wine Rack
Before you get rid of an old wine rack, repurpose it! Roll up hand towels for additional bathroom storage, or put it in your closet to hold flip flops, scarfs, or socks. Not only does it free up some space, but it allows you to get creative with your storage!

Hidden Thermostat
A thermostat can be an eyesore in any room in your house, so why not hide it! Hanging a painting or a picture over the thermostat can help hide it from view while also adding additional decorations to the room.  Look for paintings or frames that are thicker, add hinges and then hang it over the thermostat.

Discrete Ironing Boards
Ironing boards are an essential household item. Unfortunately, they can be too large and bulky to be stored in closets and other storage areas where space is already limited. Discreetly hiding an ironing board will help add extra space to a closet and storage area. Try an over the door hook or secure wall hooks inside the closet or storage area to hold the metal legs of the ironing board. This gets the board off the floor and creates an easy storage solution.

Ice Cube Carpet Repairs
Furniture and other heavy household items create dents in the carpet of your home. These dents can easily be removed by something we all have in our freezers, ice cubes! Place a couple of ice cubes on the dents in the carpet. Once the ice has melted and the carpet has absorbed the water, vacuum over the dented areas to erase the dents completely. The moisture released from the ice cubes allows the carpets to retain their shape and look as good as new.