Real estate is one of the most cut-throat industries to succeed in. With tons of competition sprouting up over night, it can be difficult for up and coming entrepreneurs to gain a foothold and enjoy the benefits the industry can provide. No matter your level of experience in regards to real estate investment, doing your research and learning from those who have been there, done that, and succeeded can make the difference between your success or failure. Take a look at these social media influencers who dominate the real estate industry and see how you can incorporate what you learn from them into your strategy. 

Fredrik Eklund

Not only has he managed to secure over $5 billion since 2003 in residential sales, this broker has also broken into the entertainment industry. You can find him starring in Million Dollar Listing New York and on the pages of esteemed magazines such as GQ. Take a page out of his upcoming book and find ways you can earn success the same way he’s been doing for over a decade.

Stefan Aarnio

Not only did he begin his booming real estate investing career with just $1,200 but he also takes the time to mentor up and coming entrepreneurs and real estate professionals. He’s an award-winning author who finds the time to manage multi-million dollar portfolios and remains dedicated to helping others find success.

Cody Sperber

As the most followed real estate investing account on Instagram, this influencer is a must to follow. Cody is a Navy veteran turned real estate investor and has since flipped over 1,000 properties, been called an absolute genius by one of Shark Tank investors, and makes it a point to help hundreds of students find financial freedom through real estate investing. 

Barbara Corcoran

You probably know her from Shark Tank, but with many years of real estate investing experience she has definitely earned the title of shark. She’s invested in over 22 business, is an established author, actively contributes to renowned websites as well as the Today Show, and hosts her own real estate broker show on CNBC. There is definitely much to be learned from this successful businesswoman. 

Ryan Serhant

If Twitter is your thing, then this real estate professional is one you need to follow right away. Named the number one real estate broker in New York and ranked 6th in the nation by the Wall Street Journal, there doesn’t seem to be an end to his successes. His real estate blog posts weekly with tips any one in the industry could benefit from.