Leon Belov

The Lending Group

With over 15 years of experience, Leon Belov is a recognized leader in the mortgage industry. As the Director of Operations at The Lending Group, Leon Belov has built a strong reputation amongst both homeowners and real estate agents nationwide.

When starting the company, Leon Belov believed that whether you are a first time home buyer or a professional broker who is familiar with all the steps and procedures, getting a house financial loan paves the way to positive change, like a new live-able space and financial versatility. Thus, the company concentrated on making the encounter not only pleasant and stress free, but also fulfilling.

Today, the team at The Lending Group have made every step as easy and clear as possible, and taken out the complications and complexness along the way. Built on a foundation of trust, integrity and honestly, Leon Belov and the certified team of home loan experts provide unparalleled service to their clients time and time again.

The Lending Group is a full service Direct Mortgage Lender, lending on both Residential and Commercial Real Estate. The Lending Group team specializes in Fast Closings, Low Down Payments, Unique Loan Programs, High Loan To Value Cash Outs.  Catering to First Time Home Buyers, Realtors, Real Estate Investors, Refinance Customers (Example: Lower you Monthly Payment and Interest Rate), and Debt Consolidation for Existing homeowners.

As the Director of Operations, Leon Belov is also committed to sourcing and training the staff at The Lending Group. By instilling those same values of honesty and integrity, Leon shapes a team of highly trained professionals that you can feel comfortable putting your trust in!

Leon Belov is committed to helping his clients find the right mortgage products based on their specific needs. He understands that every client is different, and thus he reviews a variety of options when considering his client’s requirements. Ultimately, Leon hopes to make the mortgage process simple for his clients yet, leave them feeling secure and financially stable. Leon Belov has been at the forefront of the growth and development within The Lending Group and looks forward to sharing continued success.

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